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1932gem 1934gem

1932 Choiced Gem Toned in Album                       1934 Gem Toned Light Motto     


1936 Choiced Gem Toned in Album

1937dgem 1939dgem

       1937 DGem Toned in 2x2 Envelope                 1939-D Gem Album Toned     


1941-S Gem Album Toned

1942dgem 1942gem

       1942-D/D Gem Toned in 2x2 Envelope           1942 Gem Toned in 2x2 Envelope     


1943 Gem Toned in 2x2 Envelope

1943sgem 1947dgem

       1943-S Choice Gem Bulls-Eye                   1947-D Gem Bulls-Eye     


1947 Gem Mint Set Toned Iridescent Reverse

1947sgem 1948dgem

       1947-S/S RPM3 Gem Toned Bulls-Eye Reverse       1948-D Gem Toned In 2x2 Envelope     


1950-D Gem Toned Bulls-Eye

1952dgem 1952gem

       1952-D Gem Golden Bulls-Eye                   1952 Gem Toned Bulls-Eye     


1952-S Mint Set Toned Gem

1954dgem 1954sgem

       1954-D Gem Mint Set Toned Bulls-Eye Reverse         1954-S Gem Toned in 2x2 Envelope     


1956-D PCGS66 Gem Toned Bulls-Eye

1958dgem 1964dgem

       1958-D Gem Mint Set Toned Bulls-Eye Reverse                       1964-D Gem Toned           

1955 Washington Broad Struck With Triple Clip



Quarter on One Cent Planchet                    Quarter on Silver Dime Planchet


1951-D Broadstruck Washington Quarter


1978-D Washington Quarter Struck On Copper Washed Planchett


Split Off Clad Layer Reverse


No Date Weak Strike Washington Quarter


1974 Double Clip


1993-D Triple Clip

1996-P Broadstruck

1964-D Clipped

1964-P Grease Filled

No Date Clip


Off Center




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